Art for…

A friend of mine is helping to organise a project  to raise awareness of endangered species through art ( Here are my contributions… I’m slightly ashamed to say that I had no idea the bactrian camel was even threatened,  let alone critically endangered, until looking at the EDGE website. That breaks my heart a little because I love these weirdy beardy animals – have done since I saw the film ‘The Story of the Weeping Camel’, a Mongolian sort-of documentary about a white baby camel that gets rejected by its camel mum. Aaaargh it makes me want to cry just thinking about it!

This funny looking prosimian is a red slender loris, one of EDGE’s focal species. Lorises are seriously adorable and as such are at risk from the pet trade, like this slow loris has found out:

Owning a loris is many kinds of evil, but…. lookatthecute! Hee.

Hewitt’s ghost frog, chosen for illustration mostly because I like their name – but I like frogs as well. Especially when they’re in that in-between tadpoley phase when they’re like mini frogs with tails. I used to try and catch them all the time.

The EDGE website has lots more information on the hundreds of plant and animal species threatened with extinction:


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