Illustration Friday: Fuel

What keeps me going…


I tried colouring this digitally as well to see if it’d look better (and also just for practise) – I really hate the finished product actually but it took a while to figure out how to do it so I’m putting it up here anyway!


9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Fuel

  1. Hello hello,

    I agree, the watercolory is much nicer. the picture is soooo cute, I am probably not as addicted to coffee as you are but I have been there! 🙂
    But I think it’s just the way you color digitally – the thing is that there are ways of doing it digitally that will still look good, or in other words more watercoloury 😉 am I still making any sense? I think the thing is that type of coloring just doesnt go at all with the style of lineart. Flats can look really good but probably more so with very clean lines… I think I am talking too much now. To summarise: LOVE THE PICTURE LOVE WHAT YOU DO YO!

    • Hey! Yeah I think you’re right, and I’m glad everyone seems to like the watercolour one better because it’s a much nicer way to work – I don’t get on very well with Photoshop, but we have to do it in college so I thought I should make an effort!

      • There are so man ways of coloring with photoshop that I am sure you will one day find one that suits you… 😉 Do you get to use tablets? I think it’s pretty pointless exercise if yous don’t. Otherwise, superimpose textures over the colored things it will make it look like totally pro 😉

  2. Always love a good Rube Goldberg device. Very nicely done. I prefer the top one slightly, but I do like the second (particularly if you removed the green background?)

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