Illustration Friday: Stripes

This little kitty is trying hard to earn his stripes…

…but I don’t think the judge is impressed.

Well, it’s not a very original or creative idea – but I just felt like drawing something that wasn’t related to college work, so eh. It’ll do.


4 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Stripes

  1. oh sooooooo cuuuuuute Aimeeeee! I am like totally serious. I am still thinking on what to do for that one, as I am trying to not include any tigers, cats or zebras.

    • I tried really hard to not include any tigers or similarly striped mammals, but the only other stripy things I could think of to draw were socks and jumpers, and I didn’t want to draw those – I wanted to draw a tiger. So I did! Oops. Well, I can be imaginative some other day I guess.

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