Illustration Friday: Prepare

Some ferrety guys preparing to weather a big storm:

I was reading this afternoon about the people in America who are so convinced that this year will bring the end of the world (Mayan prophecies blah blah Revelations blah) that they’re prepared to spend huge amounts of money building crisis shelters in their gardens and taking worst-case-scenario survival courses – it’s quite the growing industry. The article I read was scathing, because well… it IS a bit mental to believe in that stuff. BUT I don’t think it’s mental to want to be prepared for the worst, and even if the world doesn’t end now there WILL be disasters in Earth’s future. If you can afford to be ready, why not?

*goes to build ark*


8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Prepare

  1. So cute! Apparently ferrety (meerkaty?) fellows can really pull together to build emergency shelters. (And yes, those end of world-ers are a bit batty. Really, if the world is going to END, what is the purpose of some gear and a building? End doesn’t mean everyone but people who built a bunker. I don’t think. But what do I know?) 😉

    • I know! Not to mention how odd it is to believe that the ancient mayans would have been any good at predicting the distant future in the first place. But hey, if the world does end it’ll be us stuck without a bunker!

    • Yeah you’d think so, wouldn’t you? Maybe they’ll all go into their bunkers on December 20th (the world is going to end on the 21st at midnight, apparently) and just never come out, so they won’t know if the world has ended or not?

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