Just got back from a little trip around some parts of northern Europe, and as said trip included lots of cafe breaks and a nine hour ferry ride I had time to do a few drawings.

This one is from a cafe in Tallinn’s old town, where they served hot chocolate that was literally just melted chocolate – very nice:

We saw lots of little skerries with tiny lighthouses and things on the way out of Turku:

A tiny island with a big house looking slightly precarious near Mariehamn:

And a snowy little Swedish island:

I wish I lived on an island. This next one is from Sturekatten, a cafe in Stockholm that has it’s original 18th (or 19th? I forget) century decor intact – plus a few cats scattered around.

I especially liked Stockholm, maybe because it wasn’t quite as freezing there as it had been in Tallinn and Helsinki. It was almost warm if you stuck to the sunny spots, so we went to Skansen open air museum to see the Scandinavian animals:

It’s a moose! I liked the moose best.

I would have drawn more, but I think my pen would have frozen to my hand if I’d stopped for long enough outside!


One thought on “Tallinn/Helsinki/Stockholm

  1. that’s where I want to live, on a tiny island in a lighthouse.

    I know the type of hot chocolate you are talking about! It is SO much better than the shite we get here 😉

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