Illustration Friday: Heights

So here’s a story everybody already knows.

The birds had a contest to decide who among them would be their king – the crown would go to whoever could fly the highest. It seemed inevitable that the eagle would take the prize, as he soared high above all the other birds… or so it seemed. When he reached his peak however, and could fly no higher, the crafty wren leapt up from his back (where it had been hiding the whole time) and won the competition!

I like stories where small things win (feel a bit sorry for the penguin though). This week’s Illustration Friday topic just put that story into my head for some reason!


6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Heights

  1. Great story! Though before I read it, I thought the big bird was going to eat the little one. He looks so mad! I wonder how he’ll take it later on when the little one gets crowned! My favorite bit is the textures for the larger bird’s feathers.

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