Sleeping dogs

I did these sketches of Daisy to test out an app I downloaded, Turboscan. I don’t really understand how it works, but it’s pretty good for ‘scanning’ black and white drawings if you only need them at a low resolution.

Daisy isn’t very elegant when she’s asleep!


This is what Daisy actually looks like, by the way:

The mop-like creature perched on the bush is Lewis, who isn’t my dog. He’s a six month old Lhasa Apso and a law unto himself – he’s also for inexplicable reasons the only other dog Daisy really gets on with. They’re an odd pair.


3 thoughts on “Sleeping dogs

  1. Huh, that’s pretty good photo-scanning; it seems to have taken out any lighting variations and everything? I can see it being decent for simple line work to use on iPad… Wonder if it’s on ‘droid (iPad 2 camera res isn’t all that good…).

    She’s *almost* elegant sleeping in that third drawing there!

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