Dogs of Leith

When you walk a dog every day you get to recognise the canine citizens of your local area better than your human neighbours. I’ve been drawing some of the ones I see the most…

Old basset hound (it might not really be old, but basset hounds always kind of act old):



Ferocious bichon frise on the corner of the street – obviously thinks he’s more intimidating than he actually is:


I assume these things are dogs… they don’t seem to have any external features apart from lots of wiry hair:


Happy German Shepherd (may or may not be called ‘Ian’):


Dog, or possibly goat, from Leith Walk:leithdogbeddieweb

Daisy’s nemesis, a happy staffy – it hates her and she hates it:leithdogstaffyweb

Strangely enormous pug:


Big scary wolf:

I have no idea what the owners of the dogs around here look like – I only remember dogs! Unless the people are really weird, then I’ll remember.


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