Website Redesign

So this is what I’ve been up until 3 o’clock in the morning doing! I wanted to bring my website up to date a bit, so I took down all the old work that doesn’t really represent my style anymore and gave the whole thing a bit of an overhaul. It’s not a masterpiece of coding or anything but hopefully it’ll do the job. It should tie in better with the self-promo packs I was in the middle of designing when I decided to do this as well…







Seeing as I’ve been working on this long past the point where I should probably have gone to sleep, there might be some mistakes – can anyone see any? I know the ‘links’ thing and the ‘other’ portfolio section don’t exist, I’ll get round to them at some point! Visit it at and see how badly I’ve messed it up!


2 thoughts on “Website Redesign

  1. Jean Reynolds says:

    HI Aimee – Jean from Portsmouth here, the lady who shared the tale of the fox stealing the bag of food in the forest, Your website is super. I enjoy getting your blogs and sometimes send the animal ones on to our grandchildren

    • Hi Jean, glad you (and your grandchildren!) like it. We had foxes in the garden out back all night last night, looking very casual about stealing food from the bins. They’re beautiful but they drive my dog crazy!

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