Festive Spaniels

Well, here we go again – Christmas cards! Here’s some spaniel cards to fill you with a deep sense of foreboding and despair  that festive spirit.




They need a bit of cleaning up before I actually make them into cards, but here’s a first look anyway. Should I leave them as they are, or add a message like ‘Happy Christmas’ or something?


5 thoughts on “Festive Spaniels

  1. I think you should leave them as they are. Whoever uses the card should write their own message inside the card. I think adding a message might weaken it, but that’s just my opinion. Let the art itself do the talking.
    (Happy robot emoticon)

  2. Maia T. says:

    These are adorable! My impulse would be to say no messages. They would be delightful to send to people who celebrate other winter holidays (or no holidays at all) just to be a bright spot in increasingly gray days. It’s hard to find cards that are suitable for a wide range of beliefs or lack thereof.

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