A Story About a Cat

I’ve been busy the last few weeks working on illustrating a picture book! It’s a story by author Janet Killeen about a tough little cat living on the mean streets of London, and all the adventures he and his siblings have there. Here’s a wee snapshot:





I’ll tell you a bit more about it when the book is all finished and ready. In the mean time, here’s some foxy sketches I’ve been working on for the next project (guess what animal this story’s about!):







Illustration Friday: Ocean

I wasn’t planning on doing anything for Illustration Friday this week – I was going to be sensible and work on practical, businessy things. But the topic isĀ ocean. So….

here’s a cormorant swimming in the sea (click the image to make it bigger). I’m thinking of making a stupid picture book about a cormorant, so IF was a good excuse to make a start!