Birds in the Mushroom Forest


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Autumny Sparrows

It’s getting cold enough now for me to be thinking about scarves and jumpers and socks and gingerbread lattes (sadly still a couple of months away – counting down the days!) and all that good stuff, so here’s a pair of knitwear loving sparrows in celebration!
Also, it’s possible that my next children’s book for the iPad (first one coming soon!) will be about a sparrow… not a jumper wearing one, but still. Jumpers, sparrows, gingerbread lattes – lots to look forward to this autumn!

Illustration Friday: Heights

So here’s a story everybody already knows.

The birds had a contest to decide who among them would be their king – the crown would go to whoever could fly the highest. It seemed inevitable that the eagle would take the prize, as he soared high above all the other birds… or so it seemed. When he reached his peak however, and could fly no higher, the crafty wren leapt up from his back (where it had been hiding the whole time) and won the competition!

I like stories where small things win (feel a bit sorry for the penguin though). This week’s Illustration Friday topic just put that story into my head for some reason!

Musical Scavengers

So this is what we’ve been working on in college for the last couple of weeks – an advertising task, with us split into groups. We were briefed to create a campaign supporting original music, and criticising the legions of people who remix, edit, cover and imitate it.

Our group pretty quickly came upon the idea of representing these musical ‘scavengers’ as magpies, taking parts from other musicians and making them into something ugly and non-functional:

So there it is! I designed the illustrated part of the typeface and the little magpie logo, which was kind of fun. We also came up with a kind of  ‘guerilla’ marketing plan involving putting cardboard cut-outs of the magpies into music shops:


Our groups’ campaign was voted the best in the class! We won chocolates, so I’m pretty happy about that. Mmm, chocolate for dinner…

Six for Gold

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on at college lately! We’re doing an advertising task in groups, and technically our ideas are supposed to be a secret – so I’m just uploading a few little sketches for now (even though everybody knows everybody else’s ideas by now anyway).



(click on the images to make them bigger)

I would never describe myself as a superstitious person: but when I see a magpie on its own, I always stop to say hello. So it doesn’t bring me bad luck. And there are six magpies on this page for a reason…

Hm. I should probably start describing myself as a superstitious person.