Lauriston Castle Brochures

I just realised that I hadn’t put these online yet! Recently I had the opportunity (through college) to work on two brochures for  Lauriston Castle‘s craft and lecture event programmes, doing a series of illustrations including the cover for each. It was a great project and I’m pretty happy with the final illustrations, so I’ll show you a few of them!

Here are the two front covers (without the text). One for the Craft programme:

(at Lauriston castle they run lots of craft events throughout the year, for children and adults)

And one for the lectures programme:

There’s a secret door in the library there behind a bookshelf, which is brilliant. The castle itself is really interesting actually – full of antiques and priceless shiny things but also just the kinds of everyday objects that would have been used by the last owners.There’s a lot to see there.

I did a few spot illustrations for the brochures too:


And a couple of double page spreads for the inside of the brochures too – here’s one of them:

That’s just a few of the illustrations I did that I like best – you can see the whole brochures by downloading the PDFs here: