So I’ve been having some fun the last few days working on something a bit different – brooches! I bought a couple of sheets of acrylic and some silver brooch backs, and I’ve made some things. These ones are based on some dog illustrations I’ve done in the past:


Sleeping Red Dog


Happy Corgi


Blue Schnauzer


Dalmatian (he’s not on Etsy yet because I’m wearing him! I’ll make more maybe)



They’re fun to make if nothing else! I’m going to try my hand at some painted wooden badges next, so watch this space!

(P.S. if anyone would like me to make a breed of dog that they don’t see, let me know! I can work from a photograph if you want me to make one of your dog)


Illustration Friday: Jump

This spotty dog is jumping away from his owner!

Ok, so the link is slightly tenuous between this week’s Illustration Friday topic and this little sketch – but we’re doing our last ever end-of-everything project at college now, and if I can connect the two together then doing IF doesn’t seem so much like procrastinating! My final project is probably going to involve a story about a dalmatian, probably. Watch this space…