Daisy vs. Squirrel:


Just another day in my life with the wild beast I laughably call a “pet”. This happens EVERY TIME we go to the park.




My entry to the Edinburgh League of Comics’ December zine swap. The topic was ‘Melt’! I didn’t have a lot of time or creativity this month so there’s no fancy folding or stapling, just an autobiographical comic about a regular experience I have through the winter months. I love winter and I get a bit over-excited buying nice scarves and gloves and coats and jumpers, so it really annoys me when the temperature fails to drop to my expectations!

Mop Dog and Puddle Cat

I made a stupid non-sensical comic thing! Because I can’t summon the energy to be more productive at this time of year.

It’s about a watery cat who leaves puddles behind him and a dog who’s compelled to mop them all up. I was going to print it out and make it into a little book, just for practise like – but I don’t have any printer paper left. So I’ll just dump it here for now!

I wish my dog did housework.












So I’ve been having some fun the last few days working on something a bit different – brooches! I bought a couple of sheets of acrylic and some silver brooch backs, and I’ve made some things. These ones are based on some dog illustrations I’ve done in the past:


Sleeping Red Dog


Happy Corgi


Blue Schnauzer


Dalmatian (he’s not on Etsy yet because I’m wearing him! I’ll make more maybe)



They’re fun to make if nothing else! I’m going to try my hand at some painted wooden badges next, so watch this space!

(P.S. if anyone would like me to make a breed of dog that they don’t see, let me know! I can work from a photograph if you want me to make one of your dog)

Corgis everywhere, and a new project…

Corgis are funny:




They’re available to buy on Etsy if you want your own corgi!

I’ve been having fun the last couple of days trying out ways to turn some of my illustrations into brooches that you can buy and wear – this little corgi one is made from acrylic:


What do you think? I’ve made some other dog badges which I’ll upload later. I’m wearing the corgi now so we’ll see!

Undiscovered Species

In the deepest parts of the sea, many things are still unknown – there are thousands of species waiting there to be discovered! Luckily, you don’t have to wait until science has caught up to see all of them – I have a few right here.


The lightbulb angler is among them. This complicated creature searches the sea floor for discarded lightbulbs and uses his body as an energy source to power them, in order to lure in tasty deep sea moths!


Sea Dogs are descended from a single spaniel called Susan, who disappeared from a Scottish beach one day after chasing a ball into the ocean. They have evolved the ability to live under the waves, where they spend most of the day hunting jellyfish and rolling in seaweed.


One of the rarest species is the smallest and most intelligent species of eel, the Architect Fish. The eels are elusive and almost never seen, but occasionally you can see the elaborate cities they build on the backs of whales! The whales don’t seem to mind.

All of these creatures are available to buy on Etsy! I’ll list them in print form sometime soon as well.

Some pictures of Daisy

Okay, so I’m procrastinating a bit. But I’ve moved on from obsessively playing old computer games to obsessively sketching pictures of Daisy, so that seems like a step in the right direction. Procrastiworking! Yeah.

Daisy doesn’t really understand why I would be standing around, staring at her and making scratchy noises with a pencil – if I’m not busy, shouldn’t I be walking or feeding her instead? Well, probably – that and all of the other thousand things I should be doing. Oh well.

Here are some pictures of Daisy then:



Now I’m going to go and play Mario for a while.

Dogs of Leith

When you walk a dog every day you get to recognise the canine citizens of your local area better than your human neighbours. I’ve been drawing some of the ones I see the most…

Old basset hound (it might not really be old, but basset hounds always kind of act old):



Ferocious bichon frise on the corner of the street – obviously thinks he’s more intimidating than he actually is:


I assume these things are dogs… they don’t seem to have any external features apart from lots of wiry hair:


Happy German Shepherd (may or may not be called ‘Ian’):


Dog, or possibly goat, from Leith Walk:leithdogbeddieweb

Daisy’s nemesis, a happy staffy – it hates her and she hates it:leithdogstaffyweb

Strangely enormous pug:


Big scary wolf:

I have no idea what the owners of the dogs around here look like – I only remember dogs! Unless the people are really weird, then I’ll remember.