The Storm

whatthestormbrought1web whatthestormbrought2web whatthestormbrought3web whatthestormbrought4web

A comic about a little seaweedy dude that I started ages ago and have just gotten around to finishing, in the spirit of my new year’s resolution to actually finish projects. Although actually, I don’t know if this is finished or not. Maybe it’s To Be Continued? 

(sorry, the story is totally stupid – it’s just an excuse to draw the sea)



Another comic I did for practise (click the pages to see them bigger):timmy1webtimmy2webtimmy3webtimmy4webThis is kind of part of the same series as my salmon comic. They’re stories based on the various animal-encounters my family had in the house we lived in when I was a child (at at least on my slightly confused memories of them) – maybe I should make them into a little zine or something, when I’ve done a couple more? I dunno.

Hourly Comic Day Part One

So as homework for the ‘Create a Graphic Novel in 8 Weeks’ course that me and my illustrator friend Zuzanna are doing (taught by the excellent Edward Ross) I’m doing Hourly Comics Day today. I’m supposed to draw a panel of a comic about my day for every hour that I’m awake, which is difficult since as it turns out my Saturdays off work are monumentally uneventful. But I’m trying, so here’s the first few from this morning (click to see it bigger): hourcomics1web