Daisy vs. Squirrel:


Just another day in my life with the wild beast I laughably call a “pet”. This happens EVERY TIME we go to the park.


Some pictures of Daisy

Okay, so I’m procrastinating a bit. But I’ve moved on from obsessively playing old computer games to obsessively sketching pictures of Daisy, so that seems like a step in the right direction. Procrastiworking! Yeah.

Daisy doesn’t really understand why I would be standing around, staring at her and making scratchy noises with a pencil – if I’m not busy, shouldn’t I be walking or feeding her instead? Well, probably – that and all of the other thousand things I should be doing. Oh well.

Here are some pictures of Daisy then:



Now I’m going to go and play Mario for a while.

Cards cards cards

Look what I’ve got!


Christmas cards all ready to go, based on these three designs. I’m going to get these up on Etsy soon along with some original sketches and other things that I need to sell in order to eat, but in the mean time let me know if you’re interested in buying any!

They’re printed on satin-coated 350gsm card and are blank on the inside, and come with a plain white envelope. I can sell them individually or in packs of three (or however many you like really).

Anyway, I’ll post again when I’ve wrapped my feeble mind around selling on Etsy and listed some things!