Illustration Friday: Octopus


Why why why did I think it would be a good idea to check the Illustration Friday topic last thing on a Thursday night? I wasn’t planning on doing one at all – but then I saw that the topic was Octopus. How could I resist that? I didn’t have much time of course so this is just a quick tentacle study, but it’s something.

Illustration Friday: Shadow



Based on the book ‘A Tale For the time Being’ by Ruth Ozeki, which I’ve just finished reading and which has made me want to become a Buddhist nun when I grow up.

In it a Hello Kitty lunchbox washes up on the shore of a Canadian island, where it is found by Ruth, a writer – inside is the journal of a 16 year old Japanese schoolgirl, written a decade earlier. I guess it’s a book about the way the written word transcends time.

Anyway I wanted to draw a picture based on it, so I’ve shoehorned it in to this week’s Illustration Friday topic!