I recently finished working on a couple of images for Neil’s new app, Textopus (which lets you save and send templates for text messages that you write all the time) – the first octopus is for the icon, and the second is used in the app itself. His name is Otis.

The colouring of the first Otis has changed a bit since I did this version and got more gradienty, like the second one (Neil likes gradients. I HATE gradients. He got his way – and I have to admit, it does look better that way on the tiny iPhone screen). I did these mostly on the iPad again, which is the most bearable way to make digital images if not the most flexible. I’m learning!

You can see how the icon looks on the app store (and also buy the app, because it’s really useful) here: iTunes link

Fun fact – octopuses have three hearts. They are therefore 50% more awesome than Doctor Who!