Christmas in September


Well it’s been feeling a bit wintery the last few days, so… it doesn’t seemĀ too ridiculous to be thinking about Christmas. Christmas cards, anyway! Here’s some Daisy-based card ideas:



Hopefully I’ll get around to making these into actual Christmas cards for people to buy and send before everybody’s already got some – apparently there are some insanely organised people out there who buy cards beforeĀ the 20th of December. Unreal. Oh dear, now I feel all festive and stuff.

Not Long Now…

It’s pretty alarming to have to be thinking about Christmas already, but we’ve been asked to make Christmas cards in college (to sell in order to raise money for our end of year exhibition) so denial time is over. Here’s my design, probably.

It seems like more of the city is lit up and for longer every year – no tree must be left untouched! I feel a bit sorry for the squirrels and things that are just trying to get a good winter’s sleep.