This comic has been inspired by my obsessive watching lately of ‘Life Below Zero’ – a documentary about people living in Alaska – on Netflix. My inner misanthropist (not so inner really) loves the idea of living alone in a cabin in the far far north, with a wood stove and a sauna and lots of books. My inner realist on the other hand knows that I wouldn’t be able to kill an animal and would therefore starve/be eaten by bears in about three minutes. So I’m having to content myself with daydreaming and drawing comics about it instead! Click on the image if you want to see it a bit closer up.


Capybara Tower

capybaratowerwebHeavily inspired by, which I’ve spent far too much of my time looking at this morning.

I started using my own ancient Tumblr account again yesterday and I think that instead of the useful business tool I’d like it to be it’s going to be mostly a way of wasting hours staring at cat GIFs.

Capybara tower is available as a print on Society 6!


Mop Dog and Puddle Cat

I made a stupid non-sensical comic thing! Because I can’t summon the energy to be more productive at this time of year.

It’s about a watery cat who leaves puddles behind him and a dog who’s compelled to mop them all up. I was going to print it out and make it into a little book, just for practise like – but I don’t have any printer paper left. So I’ll just dump it here for now!

I wish my dog did housework.