The Moonlight Foxes

The second of the three picture books I’ve been working on with author Janet Killeen, The Moonlight Foxes, is now out and available to buy on Amazon! I received my copy in the post today, here’s a few snaps:





The third book is well on the way now as well. I’m not going to know what to do with myself once these are finished!


Things to Come

Sometimes I feel like I’m working really slowly…snailp3web

Or that everything is just getting on top of me…


Or that I’d rather be off having fun…


Or just messing about instead…



I don’t feel like any of those things now though, because I’m working hard on the next picture book! These are a few spot illustrations from it as a preview, hope you like them!



The Barking Cat

So the other day I received my copy of ‘The Barking Cat’, the children’s book I’ve just finished illustrating for self publishing author Janet Killeen. It’s been a lot of fun to work on and it’s nice to see it in proper book form! Here it is:




The book is available to buy on Amazon if you’d like to see the whole story. I’m working on more books with the same author this year so watch this space!

A Story About a Cat

I’ve been busy the last few weeks working on illustrating a picture book! It’s a story by author Janet Killeen about a tough little cat living on the mean streets of London, and all the adventures he and his siblings have there. Here’s a wee snapshot:





I’ll tell you a bit more about it when the book is all finished and ready. In the mean time, here’s some foxy sketches I’ve been working on for the next project (guess what animal this story’s about!):






The Bird Stories

Meet Cadence the uncoordinated starling and her friends in my new ebook app for the iPad:

You do have an iPad, right? If you don’t you’d better buy one, so you can download this app. Do it now! The story is written and illustrated  (and narrated, but you should turn the narration off to spare me the humiliation of having people listen to the annoying sound of my voice) by me , and programmed by Famloop.

It’s an interactive storybook for young readers, with some simple games and such built in. But you can buy it even if you don’t know anyone under five!

Here’s some screenshots from the first story in the app. ‘Starling’:

The app itself is free to download on iTunes, then £1.49 if you like me the preview enough to download the whole story. It’s the first in a series of three stories about birds that I’ll be working on, all of which will be available soon on that app! Here’s a little preview of the main character in the next book:

So watch this space for more updates! Famloop have more apps available along the same lines for children that you should also buy when you buy your iPad (which you’re going to go and do now, right?), here: Look out for ‘The Animals you Don’t Know’ by Sonya Hallett especially, because it’s pretty awesome.

Illustration Friday: Jump

This spotty dog is jumping away from his owner!

Ok, so the link is slightly tenuous between this week’s Illustration Friday topic and this little sketch – but we’re doing our last ever end-of-everything project at college now, and if I can connect the two together then doing IF doesn’t seem so much like procrastinating! My final project is probably going to involve a story about a dalmatian, probably. Watch this space…