Competition time…

Finally I have a finished college project to show you! We’ve got a lot on the go at once right now so while I always seem to be busy lately, I never feel like I’m getting anything finished. This project started back when the Folio Society’s House of Illustration launched their competition in… August, was it? September? A while ago anyway. Anyway despite not having anything to show for a long while, I’m glad we had so much time on it – because it was a fun project and a prestigious competition, and it was worth taking time over. Well, the Folio Society’s deadline was earlier this week – so here’s my entry!

The challenge was to create three illustrations and a binding design for Angela Carter’s book of fairy tales, ‘The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories’. One illustration for ‘The Bloody Chamber’:

One for ‘Puss in Boots’:

And one for ‘The Company of Wolves’:

So there it is. It seems like there are a lot of competitions around at this time of year, and since this is the last year I get to pay student prices to enter I’m thinking I’ll go for as many as possible. Can’t hurt, right? I don’t really expect to win anything but it’s a good experience if nothing else!

Next up: DNAD Student Awards. Fun fun fun.