Creepy Tree Squirrels

creepysquirlswebI had lots of boring practical things to do today, so naturally I’ve spent it drawing squirrels instead. They’re related to the comic I’m working on, so it’s kind of real work… kind of. I can do the boring things tomorrow, right?

Available as a print as usual.


Today’s post is brought to you by…

The letter T!

T is for:


And, er, Tea. Among other terrific things. It is also one of the letters in the word ‘illustration’, which is why I’ve drawn a big random T – it’s to go in our exhibition promotional booklet thing.

Here’s some information about the end of year show, if you’re interested:

(that website doesn’t work on iPads and is therefore a little bit pants, but don’t let it put you off!)

Not Long Now…

It’s pretty alarming to have to be thinking about Christmas already, but we’ve been asked to make Christmas cards in college (to sell in order to raise money for our end of year exhibition) so denial time is over. Here’s my design, probably.

It seems like more of the city is lit up and for longer every year – no tree must be left untouched! I feel a bit sorry for the squirrels and things that are just trying to get a good winter’s sleep.