It’s finished! I’ve been working on this little comic for a while now (note to self: do not make comics in full colour when they are more than four pages long). Here’s the first three pages:nailwood1web



When I was a child we had this rope swing tied to a tree outside our garden – I’d play on it a lot. One day I was out there alone and I climbed a bit higher up than I was supposed to, right up to the top branch. I was mucking about, pulling bits of bark off the tree, when I saw this little glint of metal – it was a nail, sticking up out of the wood. I peeled back a bit further and there was more metal, and more – it looked like under the bark the whole tree was made out of twisted nails! I freaked out and went home, and obviously nobody believes me now that it happened. But it did! It really did, I swear. So this comic is kind of how I imagine that day might have gone if I hadn’t just ran home.

Click the first image in the grid below to read the whole thing, or you can see it a bit bigger HERE! I’m not sure if I’m going to leave it up in full here or put in on my website or print it or what, I haven’t decided yet. But for the time being – here you go!

Part two of the comic-writing course I started this on starts this week, so I’m already working on ideas for the next one…


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