The Secret of Portgower

Here’s a comic I started a while ago, then August happened and I’ve only just got around to finishing it. It’s vaguely based on this thread from a couple of years back. With apologies to the residents of Portgower (if they exist):portgower1webportgower2webportgower3webportgower4webLike lots of people in Edinburgh this last month I’ve been busy with non-arty work, so I’ve been kind of off the radar. September is going to be my month to catch up with all those half-finished projects and start some new ones, and just generally be more productive. Well… hopefully.



Another comic I did for practise (click the pages to see them bigger):timmy1webtimmy2webtimmy3webtimmy4webThis is kind of part of the same series as my salmon comic. They’re stories based on the various animal-encounters my family had in the house we lived in when I was a child (at at least on my slightly confused memories of them) – maybe I should make them into a little zine or something, when I’ve done a couple more? I dunno.