My entry to the Edinburgh League of Comics’ December zine swap. The topic was ‘Melt’! I didn’t have a lot of time or creativity this month so there’s no fancy folding or stapling, just an autobiographical comic about a regular experience I have through the winter months. I love winter and I get a bit over-excited buying nice scarves and gloves and coats and jumpers, so it really annoys me when the temperature fails to drop to my expectations!


Box of Badgers

One of my many, many New Year’s resolutions is to get my “studio” organised so I can find things easily. So I went to IKEA and bought some storage boxes, and I’m going to get this place in order!

Right after I draw a load of badgers on them. Of course.




Illustration Friday: Entangled

Doc - 24-10-2013 21-46 (1)

EVERYBODY PANIC! A wave of DEADLY spiders has INVADED the UK!! VENOMOUS false widow spiders have KILLED… well, nobody. But they gave a man a nasty BRUISE!!! AAAAARGH!!!!

And they’re making fraudulent benefit claims. Probably.

Meanwhile in Australia:

Just a stupid scribble for Illustration Friday this week, because spider hysteria is amusing me and it kind of fits the theme (but I don’t really have time to do anything better)!