Arctic Dreams

A few drawings/panels from a little comic project I’ve got going on:fuelpage5300web



Edinburgh has only made the feeblest of attempts at a proper winter this year so I’m having to get my snow fix from drawing it, and drawing it a LOT. Next year I’m moving to Canada!


Illustration Friday: Myth

This is where myths are born:


When are we going to see a snowy scene like this in Edinburgh already? I’m fed up of seeing widespread snow chaos and travel disruption on the news and thinking – I want some of that! Give me widespread travel disruption any day over this rubbish half-hearted sleet!

Aaagh! Dogs dogs dogs.

We went in search of the snow today, and found it in the Pentland Hills! Daisy’s got some ishoos with other dogs, so we were pretty pleased to find the hill more or less deserted. UntilĀ thisĀ happened:


Aaaagh! Millions and millions of dogs (okay maybe more like fifteen, but still) all coming at us, off their leads and just bouncing around all over the place.

I can’t judge – if I were left to my own devices I would easily end up with that many dogs.